An Introduction & first Album . . .

Blackmore’s Night


Ritchie Blackmore & Candice Night

R&C 24

In the words of Candice taken from an expert from an interview from Shadow of The Moon  “At the very beginning Ritchie and I we were not pulled together because of music, as a matter of fact we met on a soccer field and had nothing to do with music at all. It was all about soccer, always. But we’ve been together for about eight years now,  (1997) and in the first couple of years of our relationship Ritchie has never even heard me sing the first couple of years. And a friend of his kept saying, yes, she’s a good singer, and he never really took any notice until we maybe started singing Christmas songs at a parties that we were having at Christmas time. But I really started singing with Deep Purple on the 1993 tour and he had me doing ahhhs over the Beethoven part when he did the guitar solo and then he brought me into the Rainbow project when he was having a hard time having to sing the lyrics that he liked, and he would call me up on the phone and play the song to me over the phone and say, put something to it, see what you can do. And so then he turned up and he liked my writing technique, and then he asked me to go to the studio and sing, and than it just took of from now. And here we are.”

Blackmore’s Night’s first album was

Shadow of the Moon. 

The Moon has since come to feature in many of their albums, the music being about nature, freedom, escapism, love, spirituality, castles, dreams and princesses.

Shadow-Of-The-Moon-cover BIG

  1. Shadow Of The Moon 5:07
  2. The Clock Ticks On 5:14
  3. Be Mine Tonight 2:51
  4. Play Minstrel Play 3:58
  5. Ocean Gypsy 6:05
  6. Minstrel Hall 2:36
  7. Magical World 4:01
  8. Writing On The Wall 4:35
  9. Renaissance Faire 4:16
  10. Memmingen 1:06
  11. No Second Chance 5:38
  12. Mond Tanz 3:33
  13. Spirit Of The Sea 4:50
  14. Greensleeves 3:47
  15. Wish You Were Here 5:02

For this, their first album there were a number of singles, promo albums, two videos and a laser disc released.

For more info, including full track listings, rarities etc please following this link Shadow of the Moon